Things to Do Near Pantheon Paris

View from Eiffel Tower Top Floor
Enjoy the Beautiful Views of Paris from Eiffel Tower

Located in the heart of the romantic city of Paris is one of its iconic monuments, the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by an aura of cultural elegance and beauty. Popularly known as the “Iron Lady”, the tower, or as the French call it, La Tour Eiffel, is made up of 18,000 iron parts and is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.

Take a look at the magnificent tower on the grounds of Champ de Mars which was designed as a centerpiece of the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. Explore the cafeterias, restaurants, souvenir shops, and scenic vantage points located at the three different levels of the tower and hold your breath as you look at the panoramic view of the Paris cityscape from a height. One of the activities to do near Pantheon Paris is to visit The Eiffel Tower at night to get another spectacular sight of the Tower illuminated with lights.

Sainte Chapelle
Admire the Architecture of Sainte Chapelle

One of the things to do near Pantheon Paris is to visit the almost hidden Sainte Chapelle, located in the heart of Paris, near Notre Dame Cathedral, and well known for its abundance of gothic stained glass windows.

As you enter the church, you will be filled with enchantment looking at the glittering stained glass tall and beautifully colorful windows filtering daylight in a way, making it look like a pretty rose-gold light hue. Take a look at the glasses that have been teemed with pictures to enhance their beauty.

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Explore Conciergerie

You may have heard the word Conciergerie which means the lodging of a housekeeper in French, and this was the name that was given to this ancient place that was initially built as a Royal Family residence in the 10th to 14th century and was converted into a prison in 1392.

One of the activities to do near Pantheon Paris will be to visit the place to take a look at the reconstruction of the prison life and feel sad looking at the living condition of the poor convicts as well as the difference from the wealthy ones. One of the cells you will feel interested to visit is the one where Marie Antoinette remained till she was executed.

Catacombs of Paris.jpg
Visit the Catacombs of Paris

One of the things to do near Pantheon Paris is to visit the Catacombs of Paris, the underground ossuaries in Paris, which have the remains of more than six million people. This place was created from 1774 to 1776 to manage the overflowing cemeteries of the city and was later on, in the early 19th century, converted to become a novelty place for concerts and private events. Discover the amazing and complicated labyrinthine ossuary in the heart of Paris underground and feel fascinated looking at the albeit macabre halls containing the remains of the Parisians.

Sunset Scene at Seine River
Take A River Seine Cruise

A very popular way to take a look at the city of Paris is to take a Seine River Cruise. One of the best activities to do near Pantheon Paris, these river cruises are extremely enjoyable and will take you on a ride to take a look at many of the important as well as well-known buildings, attractions and bridges of Paris. As you float along the River Seine, you will be able to take a look at the city highlights such as Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

Louvre Pyramid
Take a Tour of the Louvre Museum

One of the best things to do near Pantheon Paris is to take a tour of the famous Louvre Museum, known for its rice painting collection from around the world. Louver Museum, also known as the French Musée du Louvre, is the national museum of France and has also earned fame as an art gallery. It is housed in a magnificent palace in Paris on the right-bank site of Philip Augustus, a 12th-century fortress.

Visit the art museum whose collection includes work from the ancient civilisation up to the mid-19th century and houses several masterpieces of Italian Renaissance painters such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The museum also displays treasures of French royalty such as bronzes, miniatures, jewelry and more.

Louis Xiii And Versailles
Visit the Palace of Versailles

Another one of the best things to do near Pantheon Paris is to visit the enchanting Palace of Versailles, the former residence of the French royalty outside the city of Paris. The Palace, with its lavish complex, has an in-depth connection with the political history of Paris and the French Revolution.

Explore the beautiful palace that has been constructed in a futuristic style and will cast spells on you with its 357 Venetian mirrors in the halls of mirrors. Take a look at the beautiful statues and flowering plants in its garden and feel awe-struck looking at the beautiful royal chapel that has inspired several European church designs.

Statue de Jean Jacques Rousseau pantheon paris
Visit the Tomb Of Napoleon Bonaparte

One of the things to do near Pantheon Paris is to visit The Dome, the Tomb Of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Dome, the tallest building in Paris till Eiffel Tower was erected, was a church and then housed the tomb of Napoleon I and became closely related to the history of France. You can climb up the 300 steps of the monument to reach its top and then feel mesmerized looking at the breathtaking view of the city of Paris.

eiffel tower
Experience The Sunrise From Trocadéro

If you are planning to enjoy the breathtaking view of a sunrise, one of the activities to do near Pantheon Paris, you must make a plan to visit Trocadéro. Trocadéro is one of the massive buildings which is located opposite the Eiffel Tower across the Seine River. The place is well known as the location for getting an unobstructed view of the sun rising behind the Eiffel Tower and painting the sky in various hues. Enjoy the view and take some amazing snaps while you feel the fresh morning air and spend some time appreciating the tranquility of the place.

FAQs About Pantheon Paris

Is the Pantheon in Paris worth visiting?

    Yes, Pantheon in Paris is worth a visit owing to its spectacular architecture, awe-inspiring designs, and enlightening history. The Pantheon in Paris is also worth a visit for the three star attractions inside the building. First, there is the Crypt, which is a mausoleum with the tombs of famous personalities. Then there is the first pendulum made by French physicist Jean-Bernard-Léon Foucault demonstrating the Earth’s rotation. And finally the “Les colonnades' , the rooftop of the building with its breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

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